Wir sind stolz und glücklich, dass wir das Projekt „Ruandas Töchter“ gemeinsam mit dem Team der @orakinderhilfe und @olafheinestudio initiieren dürfen – danke an das ganze großartige Team
#regramm Olaf Heine „This is Jean, who is supporting a project I‘m working on. He is a Rwandan Genocide survivor. Back in 1994 he was hiding in cardboard boxes, in basements and under beds for 90 days praying that the killers wouldn‘t find him. I don‘t have the slightest idea how someone can deal with that kind of stress, horror, terror and angst and come out of it as one of the most optimistic, courageous, believing and calm people i know. Thank you Jean, @OraKinderhilfe and @spring.brandideas for bringing me out here and showing me a level of humanity that I didn‘t know existed these days…“ #teamlove #thefutureishuman #strongertogether #storytelling #photography #exhibition #bookdesign #springbrandideas #ideas